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2017 #SBDCday

SBDCDay-Logo-JPGSBDC Day is a national, collective proclamation of the success and impact America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) have across the nation in economic development and the small businesses community. The first America’s SBDC Day will take place on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

SBDC Day will unite the nearly 1,000 SBDC centers across the country and the hundreds of thousands of clients they serve by sharing, in real time, the success stories and notable impacts SBDCs collectively have on the small business community at large. This special day will be celebrated with social media campaigns, public relations initiatives, online and in-person events and more. Learn more at

America’s SBDCs Latest Annual Results

America's SBDCs Latest Annual Results

About the Illinois SBDC Network:

  • Clients of the Illinois SBDC network generated $15.81 million in State and Federal Tax Revenues in 2016.
  • The Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC) network served 19,384 customers in 2016.
  • The Illinois Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) created and retained 6,983 jobs in 2016.
  • In 2016, the Illinois SBDC network helped secure $189.2 million in financing for their clients.
  • The statewide Illinois SBDC network was responsible for 493 new business starts and expansions in 2016.
  • Illinois SBDCs can help small companies and pre-venture clients grow their businesses. Learn more:
  • In 2016, the Illinois SBDC ITC export experts assisted with $253.2 million in export sales. Learn more:
  • In 2016, Illinois PTAC assisted clients in securing $824.3 million in government sales. Learn more:

About our center, the Illinois SBDC at Champaign County EDC:

  • In 2016, we advised 299 clients, a total of 1,726 counseling hours.
    • Of our 299 clients in 2016, 212 were new clients.
    • Of our 299 clients in 2016, 54% were in-business clients (more than one year).
    • Of our 299 clients in 2016, 68 were female clients & 96 were minority clients.
    • In 2016, our average hour per client was 5.8.
  • 1/1 – 3/17/17, we have advised 112 clients, a total of 400+ counseling hours.
    • Of those 112 clients, 53 are new clients.
    • Of those 112 clients, 62% are in-business clients (more than one year).
    •  Of those 112 clients, 31 are female clients & 29 are minority clients.
    • Our average hour per client this year is 3.6.
  • The City of Champaign’s Small Business Incentive Program provides entrepreneurs with financial assistance for startup expenses in the areas of Marketing, Legal and Finance, and includes a $1,000 education credit. Since the program launched in May of 2016, a total of 25 entrepreneurs enrolled in the program. The program supports a diverse range of entrepreneurs and businesses; 67% are female, 57% white and 35% African American. Examples of industries represented in the program include Food Service, Retail, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Personal Services and many more. Thus far the City has provided $15,500 in support to entrepreneurs enrolled in the program.
  • We work closely with the City of Urbana for their Business Development Grant program. Total grants awarded in 2016 = 10 (for a total of $19,000).
    • City of Urbana business development grants awarded 2017 YTD = 1 for $2,000.
    • Total City of Urbana business development grants awarded since inception in 2013 = 65 (for a total of $122,000).
  • In 2016, our ITC advised 71 clients, a total of 711 counseling hours.
    • Of the ITC’s 71 clients in 2016, 10 were new clients.
    • In 2016, our ITC’s average hour per client was 9.
    • In 2016, our ITC retained 207 jobs & created 2 jobs due to exports.
    • In 2016, our ITC clients exported to Asia, Africa, North Africa, Europe, South America , Canada, and Mexico, among other locations.
    • In 2016, our ITC helped with 11 ISTEP grants, totaling $42,654.00. Learn more:
  • 1/1 – 3/17/17, our ITC has 77 clients + a total of 160+ counseling hours.

The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Champaign County EDC is funded through a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Small Business Administration, Illinois Department of Commerce, and the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation; with additional support provided by EDC of Decatur and Macon County and the Midwest Inland Port.